One of the best things about shopping for antique jewelry is that when you find a retailer that specializes in this type of jewelry, you can browse pieces from several different eras. As you shop, you may find that you like different pieces from different eras — or that the jewelry from one particular time appeals to you the most. There's a good chance that you'll see art deco jewelry when you browse an antique jewelry store, and these pieces may be a good fit with your sense of style. Art deco jewelry can vary a lot in appearance, but many of these pieces have the following design traits.


A lot of modern jewelry is asymmetrical. For example, you'll see a lot of pieces that have unique curves that aren't mirror images of each other. When you look at art deco jewelry, however, you'll often see a lot of visual symmetry. For example, if you're shopping for dangle earrings or a necklace pendant, it's common for these pieces to look identical from side to side. This trait helps to give them an orderly look that will appeal to many people. Whether a piece is simple or ornate, you can expect to see a lot of symmetry.

Geometric Shapes

Many pieces of art deco jewelry feature geometric shapes. While these shapes can also be prevalent in modern-day jewelry and in pieces from other eras, they're exceptionally common when you look at a selection of art deco pieces. Expect to see such shapes as squares and triangles, regardless of whether you're looking at bracelets, necklace pendants, earrings, brooches, or other types of jewelry. Some of these pieces focus primarily on one shape. For example, you might see a bracelet that has a design that features numerous small triangles.

Zig-Zag Lines

Another type of design that you'll frequently see in art deco jewelry is zig-zag lines. These lines can be thin or thick, depending on the piece of jewelry, and may appear in several different ways. On a pendant, for example, you might have a zig-zag line that runs down the middle of the piece — perhaps with some geometric shapes on each side in a symmetrical manner. The zig-zag lines can often give these pieces a lively feel that you may find suits your sense of style. If these traits appeal to you, art deco jewelry may be a good fit. Visit an antique jewelry store to look for these styles.