If you're looking for a new gemstone to add to your collection, now's the time to look at malachite. Malachite is a soft gemstone. You might not realize this, but there are a lot of reasons to choose malachite gemstones. Malachite is perfect for a variety of jewelry pieces, including rings and pendants. If you're not sure why you should choose malachite, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to invest in malachite jewelry.  

They Have Healing Properties

If you deal with health issues, it's time to invest in malachite jewelry. Like some other gemstones, malachite has healing properties that can be beneficial. Malachite can lower your blood pressure, decrease joint inflammation, and reduce pain. In fact, malachite can be used to ease the pain associated with labor. Because malachite goes with anything, you can enjoy healing powers wherever you go. 

They Make Excellent Gifts

If you're looking for a gift for that special someone, now's the time to look at malachite jewelry. Most people look to diamonds and other rare gemstones for their gift-giving options. But, malachite is another excellent gift option. As stated earlier, malachite can be used in a variety of jewelry options. That makes it excellent for gift-giving. In fact, you can choose a matched set for your gift. If you're getting married, malachite is one of the best options for matching wedding rings. That's because malachite gemstones can be fitted into any type of ring setting. 

They're Fade-Resistant

If you want to choose a gemstone that will retain its luster for years to come, malachite might be what you're looking for. Malachite gemstones are naturally fade-resistant. That means your gemstones will retain their brilliance, even when exposed to sun and water. You do need to make sure that you keep your malachite clean. Like other stones, dirt and dust can diminish the shine without routine cleanings. 

They're Beautiful Gems

If green is your favorite color, malachite is the perfect gemstone for you. Malachite has a natural green coloring. But, malachite doesn't come in one specific shade of green. Instead, it comes in an array of green shades. Some of the shades include bright green, all the way up to a shade of green that's almost black. You might even find multiple shades of green in one gemstone. This gives malachite a unique appearance. 

Don't settle on the same gemstones for your jewelry. Add the beauty and health benefits of malachite to your jewelry collection.

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