Labradorite is a semi precious stone found all over the world, but it is especially prevalent in the Labrador region of northern Canada. It is a grey or almost black stone that has a colorful iridescence when polished and when it catches the light just right. In the light, labradorite can range from royal blue and turquoise to a warm gold-green, some even have a pink or red sheen. This colorful stone is reminiscent of the northern lights and was once believed to be their source in old legends. Labradorite is a popular choice for jewelry; with its unique coloring, every piece is truly one of a kind. Take a look at these five tips for wearing labradorite necklaces:

1. A Word of Caution

Labradorite is a fairly fragile stone, and when you are wearing your necklace, you should avoid activities that could break it, like sports or exercise.  

2. Embrace the Sun

Labradorite looks best in the sun where it can shimmer. You can see all the colors and the unearthly quality of your labradorite best in bright light, which makes it a great accessory choice for an outdoor wedding or garden party. 

3. Casual Elegance 

A bit of labradorite around your neck can dress up almost any outfit. Pair a low hanging labradorite necklace with a white cashmere sweater and a pair of slacks (or even jeans) for a sophisticated look that is subtle yet intriguing. A blue or white sundress is another great choice with a big and chunky labradorite necklace. 

4. All Dressed Up

Labradorite is resplendent and works great for formal occasions. It isn't too showy for an awards ceremony or graduation, but it is tastefully fancy enough for a gala if you wear it right. For a formal occasion like a ceremony, choose a light blouse, a high set labradorite necklace, and an elegant up-do. If you are going out for the night to a black tie event, choose a dress or suite with a simple neckline to show off your necklace. Black can look stunning with a piece of labradorite. Finish the look with labradorite drop earrings or studs. 

5. At Work

A labradorite necklace can make a statement or be the perfect detail for your at work wardrobe. A big piece of labradorite close to your chest over a white or pale blue blouse is bold. A small piece of labradorite on a shorter chain can pair perfectly with patterned shirts and dresses or a collared shirt, creating a delicate detail.