The earrings you choose for your wedding day will be a permanent and highly visible part of photos and memories. This means that you should select the right pair wisely and in consideration of many different factors. What are some of these? Here are four parts of the puzzle that you may not have thought about.

1. Hair Interference

Depending on how you will wear your hair, your earrings might get in the way. If you opt for a loose style, half-up, or a ponytail, dangling earrings could become a liability due to the hair and earrings becoming entangled. Some hair types — particularly curly hair — are more prone to this. If there is likely to be conflict between your hair and the earrings, consider altering whichever element about which you are least sentimental. 

2. Visual Competition

If you want to wear a pair of statement earrings, consider how they may compete for attention with other features of your look. A bun or chignon works well with statement earrings because it creates a deliberate canvas to highlight them. However, long and flowing hair is usually its own focal point, so bold earrings may be a confusing distraction. Similarly, long, dramatic earrings with a very short hairstyle could create two competing points of attention. 

3. Piercing Imperfections

Not all piercings are the same. Many people have discovered over the years that their piercings are not completely symmetrical. One hole may be slightly higher or lower than its neighbor, for instance. It may even be at a subtly different angle than the other, leading some earrings to hang differently. This doesn't matter for most stud or small drop earrings, but it could make a big difference with things like hoops or chandeliers. 

4. Hair Color

Just as a person's skin tone can be warm or cool, their hair tones can also be. The tones in your locks can either complement or contrast with metallic shades. If you have lighter and warmer hair colors, consider gold hues. Cooler, darker hair shades might work better with silver or platinum metal bases. 

While earring choices should be based primarily on your own personal taste, knowing what other elements can affect their appearance will help you choose the right ones for any occasion. Want to know more about earring styles and options for your big day? Start by meeting with a jeweler in your area today.