If you want to add some unique jewelry to your collection, you should consider purchasing some antique jewelry. Purchasing antique jewelry will allow you to expand your collection in new ways and will provide you with access to pieces that no one else will be wearing. Before you start purchasing antique jewelry though, there are a few things you need to understand about the buying process.

Thing #1: Carefully Inspect the Jewelry

When it comes to purchasing antique jewelry, don't expect the piece to be perfect. High-quality antique jewelry should be well-made but may also show wear signs.

When you look at antique jewelry, if the piece contains any gemstones, carefully look at the jewelry and make sure the prongs are holding the gemstones in place. Then, make sure that the gems are not cracked. You can fix damaged prongs, but damaged gemstones are more difficult to fix.

An antique piece doesn't have to be perfect, but you don't want it to have problems that will affect your ability to wear it that you can't fix.

Thing #2: Make Sure It Looks Worn

Sadly, some people will try to sell reproductions of antique jewelry as if they were selling original antique jewelry, which is why you want to look for signs of a little wear on the jewelry. It is not normal for a piece of jewelry that is 150 years old to look perfect without any wear marks. You may not see that many signs of wear on a piece that is twenty or thirty years old, but the older the piece, the more likely that there will be at least some signs of wear on the piece of jewelry.

Also, if you are looking at jewelry that is over a hundred years old, keep in mind that much of this jewelry used to be lighter, especially necklaces and bracelets.

Thing #3: Make Sure It Fits You

Finally, if you are serious about purchasing the antique piece, always ask to try it on. Do not assume that it will fit you. Sizing for jewelry has changed over time, and an antique piece may not fit you like you envision it.

When you try on the jewelry, make sure that not only it fits, but that you really love how the jewelry looks. Antique jewelry is usually an investment, and you should only invest in pieces that you really like and you can see yourself using.

When it comes to purchasing antique jewelry, carefully examine the jewelry to ensure it is wearable, look for signs that it is actually an antique, and always try it on before committing to the purchase.