Investing is often seen as a complex process that involves handing money over to an investment manager, who buys stocks, bonds, and securities and trades them over time on your behalf. However, there is a way to invest in a more hands-on manner — buying gold coins. The idea of shopping for gold coins, storing them, and then one day selling them for more than you paid may seem old-fashioned, but this is really investing at its simplest. Here are a few reasons why investing in gold coins may actually be a smart choice.

1. It's easy to understand.

Sometimes investing in things like the oil industry or real estate can be so complicated that you don't even jump in and do it. Maybe these investments would earn you more than gold coins, but in order for them to be profitable, you have to actually invest. Buying and later selling gold coins is easy and approachable for the average person, meaning you're likely to dive right in. Having investments is better than having no investments. And since gold is tangible and can be stored right in your home, you'll feel confident and like you know what you're doing while you're investing.

2. You don't have to pay taxes until you sell.

When you buy stocks and some other investments, you need to pay yearly capital gains taxes as they increase in value. This can be a hassle and can really eat into your income with larger investments. With gold coins, you only have to pay taxes when you one day decide to sell the gold coins — whether that's a year from now or in 20 years.

3. Gold seems to hold its value during times of high inflation.

When inflation skyrocket, the value of most investments tends to go down. But golds historically has held its value at times like these. Even if you have a good number of investments other than gold, it's a good idea to buy some gold in an effort to "inflation-proof" your portfolio.

4. You can pick them up almost anywhere, a few at a time.

You don't have to save $5,000 to invest in gold like you do with some mutual funds or save a 20% down payment as you do with many real estate investments. You can buy $100 worth of gold coins at a time, or $5,000 worth — and you can visit one vendor, or many vendors to learn about gold coin buying and more. This flexibility makes gold an approachable investment for people in all income brackets.