With the cold season coming into full swing and the holidays creeping up just around the corner, 2017 doesn't seem as far away – and with a new year comes new trends, especially in the wedding fashion world. And since wedding (and/or) engagement rings are all but required for every bride who walks down the aisle, it's no surprise that the trends for engagement are a little more important to know than most of the rest of fashion's many trends. So if you're interested in the biggest trends for getting an engagement ring in 2017, then here's what you need to know.

Beautiful Baguettes

No, not the delectable logs of bread given to mankind by the French – the baguette cut for gems. This long, loaf-like shape will be incredibly popular this coming year, especially for accent gems rather than the main stone. The baguette cut gems help both emphasize and complement your main jewel and add a lot of visual interest due to their lack of saturation in the market. To take this trend up another level, combine it with another and make your long accent gems a colored stone, which will enhance the natural sheen of a diamond even more.

Bands Upon Bands (Upon Bands…)

Traditionally, wedding rings stack with the more ornate engagement ring to form a unit – much like you and your future spouse will be doing with your lives. However, this year's most unique trend is taking this staking one step further and making stacks of bands upon bands one of the hottest looks for this coming wedding season. You can wear these bands alone, with one or two others, or with a whole stack, depending on your mood that day and what you have to do. The customizability of this trend makes it not only eye-catching but also incredibly convenient for you, no matter what job, life style, or personal ring style preference you have.

Blushing Bases

Continuing last year's incredible trend away from silver and gold and towards the beautiful, pink-tinged rose gold, the blushing metal is once again looking to be big in 2017's scene. While rose gold is stunning with any gem of any cut, putting it under a pear- or marquise-cut diamond (which are two of the trendiest focal jewels this year) will help not only your fingers look long and slim, but also enhance the natural color of your skin (as rose gold, unlike its yellow and silver companions, flatters all skin tones under the sun).

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