You've finally reached the point in your relationship when you feel ready to pop the question. You're looking for a lifetime commitment, and you're sure she's the one. But how exactly does this work? Do you go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on just asking the question, like some men do with airplane banners and flash mobs? Or is it better to just drop down on one knee at home during a television commercial break? And what about the ring? Should you buy an engagement ring ahead of time or let her pick one out? Here's how to get ready to pop the question.

The Atmosphere for the Big Question

It's challenging to know just how impressive the atmosphere should be when you pop the question. You know your girlfriend has probably been imagining this moment, but you're not a mind reader. The answer may be in what kind of a relationship you've had up to now.

If you and your girlfriend are homebodies who enjoy staying at home over going out, a simple romantic evening at home would be suitable for popping the question. If the two of you are the popular couple who are invited to every party in town, it's likely your girlfriend might enjoy being asked in front of your social crowd. If you're somewhere in the middle, a meal at your favorite restaurant would be the perfect backdrop for the big question. Let your relationship style guide your proposal style.

The Presentation of the Engagement Ring

The trouble with engagement rings is that they are supposed to be a surprise, but you might not know what size or style of engagement ring to buy. So you run the risk of either disappointing your girlfriend by not presenting her with a ring when you pop the question or offering an engagement ring that doesn't fit or is not her style. Most women would agree that you're in a difficult position. Some women would prefer that they choose their own ring, while others prefer the romance of having you select it for her and give it to her as a surprise.

You can solve both problems by buying an engagement ring online or in person at a jeweler's and making sure you can get a full refund if your girlfriend wants to either exchange it or get one someplace else. When figuring out the size, keep in mind that the ring can always be made smaller, but it will be difficult or impossible to make it larger. Opt for a larger size when in doubt. You can also ask professionals such as Best Brilliance for advice. 

Now that you're ready to pop the question, you just have to make the leap and get on with it. Chances are, you already know in your heart what her answer will be. And that's half the battle.