If you have been having issues with a family member that includes them taking things that do not belong to them, you may find that they have or begin to pawn items that belong to you and the family. Pawning items can seem like an easy way to get away with temporary theft for some people. If your item is pawned, you may have a limited amount of time to get it back. Here is how a jewelry store can help if your item was pawned by someone else.

Compare the pawn ticket description

A pawn ticket is one of the only ways that you can collect an item that is not for sale for the public at a pawn shop is to have the ticket. Find the ticket inside of your family member's belongings in order to easily collect on the item. Tickets will typically be saved and placed in a safe spot, because losing a ticket often means paying extra for the ticket. Consider looking in all of your child's drawers or hiding spaces for pawn tickets. The ticket will describe the jewelry, which you can compare against the jewelry stores description of the item that you purchased.

Find proof of purchase

If someone has pawned a piece of jewelry that has a serial number, it may be easier to prove that the item belongs to you. Find the proof of purchase or proof of ownership if possible. The original jewelry store should be able to pull up the records of purchase, that should have specifics on the item. Take this along with the pawn ticket to the pawn shop to retrieve your jewelry.

Take it back to the jewelry store for inspection

If you want to make sure that nothing happened to your jewelry at the pawn shop, take it back to the original jewelry store for inspection. You want to make sure that any jewels are original and have not been replaced with something that is less expensive in order to keep your prior precious stone. You also want to ask a professional if the jewelry has sustained any deep scratches. This will preserve the integrity of your jewelry. Contact a business, such as Feagans Jewelry Inc, for more information. 

Engrave your jewelry

Though the engraving in jewelry can be sanded down, over time, this could wear down the band of the jewelry. Ask your favorite jewelry store to engrave your precious jewelry with either a serial number of a notation of your own. If your name is on the jewels, there may be further questions if someone else ever tries to pawn it. It can also mean that your jewelry is a turn off to any other personal buyer, which can keep your jewelry safe.