Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that your child was going to kindergarten for the very first time? And yet, in other ways, it may seem like that happened ages ago. If your child is now a young adult about to graduate from high school, you are probably experiencing very mixed feelings. On one hand, you are sad that the years have passed so quickly. Yet on the other hand, you are thrilled at the fact that there are new adventures for your child. One thing is for sure, high school graduation represents years of effort. From a special celebration to the perfect ring, here are some ways that might help you honor your graduate in a memorable way.

Plan A Memorable Celebration

The first thing you will need to establish before you plan a graduation event is the number of guests that will be invited. Is your son or daughter an outgoing person who will want a big bash to celebrate graduation? In that case, a backyard barbecue would be a great idea. If you want something more formal, consider renting a banquet hall that will accommodate a large number of people. If your child would prefer a more intimate celebration, your home or a private room in a restaurant would be ideal. Either way, don't forget to ask somebody to toast your senior, even if it's with something like lemonade or root beer. 

Give A Perfect Gift

Of course, your bank account will play a big part in the gift you select for your high school graduate. Does your child already have an automobile? If not, a car for college would be great, whether you buy the newest model on the showroom or whether you buy a pre-owned car. If your child already has a reliable car, think of giving him or her a sentimental gift. For example, if your graduate is a daughter, think of giving her a piece of jewelry that she has always admired. If your graduate is a son, a great sentimental gift would be to give him a restored trunk that has been in the family for many years.

Add A Family Connection

No matter what you selected for the main gift, a beautiful gesture would be to give another gift that will connect your family while your child is away from home. Remember the old song, See The Moon that reminds the listener that God will bless him or her? A very special thing would be to buy a moon ring. from a company like Moonglow Jewelry, for your graduate and for every other member of the family. Bring the family together during a quiet time around graduation day and read the words to the song for everybody to hear. Then establish the fact that each time you each look at your moon ring, you'll be reminded that you all see the same moon at night and that even though miles separate you, your family love is as constant as the moon is. Besides being beautiful, moon rings are affordable and made well enough to become family keepsakes for the next generation.

A handwritten note from each member of the family to the graduate will also be a treasured gift.