If your jewelry sales are down this year, then you may not have the year's trendiest pieces stocked. It is just the beginning of the year, so you still have time to stock up on some of the biggest jewelry trends of 2016. In fact, the trendiest jewelry item of the year, the choker, is expected to be back in style for quite a while. Learn more about the choker trend, what types and colors are popular, and how you can stock up quickly and easily. 

When Chokers Surged in Popularity

Chokers were due for a return to the jewelry scene, since they haven't had a surge in popularity since the early '90s. Celebrities just recently began wearing chokers during the last month of 2015, and the choker trend is just now trickling down to consumers. That means there is still plenty of time to get them on your shelves and in your displays before the the trend is over.

Popular Choker Colors and Styles

Unlike the thick and chunky choker trend of the '90s, today's chokers are thin and delicate, fitting in with the feminine and dainty jewelry theme of the year. In fact, many chokers that celebrities are wearing are just simple strings of beads or delicate ribbons, which are affordable to make and have a high profit margin. However, consumers also have their eye on ethical jewelry this year, so the leather string chokers that were popular in the '90s are not back in style, even though they do look delicate. The most trendy colors in jewelry this year are black, white, and gray, so it is no surprise that chokers of these colors are also popular.

Easy, ethical chokers can be easily made with Charlotte beads, which are a cut of Czech glass beads. Unlike other types of seed beads, Czech Charlotte cut seed beads produce a unique sparkle when the light hits them due to having a single facet. That means chokers made with these beads can be very delicate and thin, yet stand out to consumers who love how they sparkle when the light hits them. 

Charlotte Bead Color and Styles Available

The most common size of Charlotte bead is size 13, but there are other sizes available, including a smaller size 15 and larger size 8 and size 11. Beads not of the standard size 13 are called true cut beads. While a size 13 Charlotte bead can make a great choker, chokers made with a size 15 true cut Charlotte bead fit in more with the delicate choker trend. There are opaque gray, opal pearl, and black beads that are the current trending jewelry colors, but many more colors are available. To prepare for the winter season, when chokers are expected to still be trendy, consider stocking some chokers made of red Charlotte beads and deep shades of green beads. 

If your sales are down so far this year, you still have time to catch up and make it a lucrative year for your jewelry shop. Delicate chokers are back in style in a big way, and you still have time to stock up on them. If you produce your jewelry in-house, then creating delicate Charlotte bead chokers is a great idea for an item that will fly off the shelves. 

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