When you decided you wanted to propose to your partner, you immediately knew you wanted a ring large enough to symbolize just how much you loved them. However, the blur of love quickly dissipated and the reality of your budget quickly took center stage. Fortunately, you can get your partner a quality diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank. Here are just some of the ways you can select a beautiful ring for your partner while still staying within budget.

Choose A Multiple Stone Style

If your budget restricts you to a very small carat size, consider choosing a ring that is designed to accommodate more than one stone. Halo and cluster ring styles can give the illusion of more diamonds than a solitary diamond ring style affords.

For example, a ring with a single one and a half carat stone might look small. However, a cluster ring with three half carat stones will appear larger, even though it still equals one and a half carats. This tip is all about the illusion of more diamonds.  

Think Clarity Not Carats

Some inexperienced buyers go on a hunt for the largest carat size they can afford. While a large carat diamond is glamorous, clarity matters more in terms of beauty. Clarity ratings are designated based on the number of imperfections found within the stone.

This rating goes from a perfect diamond, Flawless (FL), to the low end, Included. The fewer the number of imperfections in the diamond the prettier the stone will be. Choose a carat size that is around half your budget and spend the extra on an upgraded clarity rating.

Incorporate Metal Work

You can also incorporate fancy metal work into the design of the ring to add glamour while still staying on budget. Having engraved design patterns inserted around the ring can also deflect from a smaller stone and add a more stylish element to the ring.

You can also achieve this with a raised stone setting. Instead of having the diamond set flush with the ring band, have it raised slightly above the band. The higher the diamond rests, the more the stone will stand out and the larger the stone will appear.

Shopping for an engagement ring should not be done in haste. Make sure you are taking your time to choose a ring for your partner that they will cherish for many years to come. For more information, contact shops like B And A Jewelers.