Followers of yoga know they feel better, move better and look better and want to take their devotion to the ancient practice a step further. Message jewelry is trendy and yoga inspired jewelry is at the forefront. Devoted followers eagerly collect jewelry fashioned with earthy and hip natural beads and hand-stamped silver with inspirational messages or Om symbols. Learn more about the Om symbol, mala beads, and the seven chakras to expand your yoga inspired jewelry collection in a way that fits you. 

The Om is perhaps the most recognizable symbol related to yoga. This ancient Sanskrit image's meaning is found in each of its curving lines. Om is more than just a symbol, however. It serves as the spoken mantra for many yoga practitioners and is frequently used at the beginning of a yoga session as a meditation to quiet one's thoughts. Silver pendants with a hand-stamped Om symbol serve as a constant reminder of the peace that the practice of yoga can bring.

  • The crescent shape at the top means the veil of illusion.
  • The dot inside means the transcendental state.
  • The upper curve is the waking state.
  • The long large curve on the bottom is the dream state.
  • The middle curve means a state of deep, dreamless sleep.

Mala Beads are the latest trend in yoga inspired jewelry. Mala bead strings always have 108 beads, and sometimes there is an extra "guru" bead on the string. There are many reasons for 108 beads, but the number is considered sacred in Hinduism. Beyond meditation practice, these beads are beautifully colored, and customized strings with precious stones and pearls make a personalized piece.

The seven Chakras are the energy centers of the body and each one represents a part of the body and a color.

  • Chakra 1: Muladhara is located at the base of the spine; it represents home and safety and is red.
  • Chakra 2: Svadhisthana is located at the hips, abdomen and genitals; it represents family and is orange.
  • Chakra 3: Manipura is located near the naval; it represents your core and is yellow.
  • Chakra 4: Anahata is located at your heart; it represents power and creativity and is green.
  • Chakra 5: Vishuddha is located at the throat; it represents communication and is blue.
  • Chakra 6: Ajna is located on the forehead; it represents intuition and knowledge and is indigo.
  • Chakra 7: Sahasrara is located at the crown of your head; it represents universal consciousness and is violet. This is the lotus blossom.

These chakras may be worn as jewelry, and using colored crystals made of natural stones and worn with long leather cords are very popular. 

The most significant aspect of these ancient symbols worn as modern jewelry is that the pieces become symbols of whatever the wearer wishes them to be, no matter where they are on their journey.