Ever have one of those days where something slips and your favorite piece of jewelry ends up slightly damaged? Or maybe you just need to update and fix something you've been meaning to get done for a while? We've all been there.

Never fear, there is something you can do.  Here are a few quick tips to make your jewelry like new again:

Paperclip jump rings

Didn't know paperclips were so versatile did you! Paperclips can be bent and made into jump rings if the occasion calls for it. Just take the paperclip and bend it around something small and circular, like a paintbrush or a pencil tip. Once you have it properly circular and as large as you want, the paperclip can be cut with scissors to form the small jump ring

Nail polish enamel

Have a chipped piece of enamel jewelry that needs some color? Nail polish will do the trick! Find a nail polish that matches the color that you need and paint it on with the applicator. If the color doesn't have enough sheen or shine to it, you can coat it with either a clear layer of nail polish to give it that shine.

Nail polish can also be used to keep costume jewelry from tarnishing or from turning your fingers green if you have sensitive skin.  Just give it a quick coat of clear top coat and your both your jewelry and your skin will be safe.

Buffing and polishing

Both of these can be done at home and are a quick thing to do once you get the hang of it. All it required is a buffing cloth (which you can pick up from Home Hardware/home depot for virtually nothing) and some rouge. No, I'm not talking about the stuff you put on your face. Rouge is a polishing compound used for doing fine polishing of metals.

You can also pick it up and home Hardware or home Depot relatively in expensively. All you need to do to buff and polish your jewelry is put some of the rouge onto the cloth and rub the cloth on your piece of jewelry. It doesn't take much rouge, and after a few minutes your piece will look like new again!

So there you have it. Just a few simple tricks and tips to keep your jewelry in good repair and looking as beautiful as ever. For more help, you may need to contact jewelry repair services.